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(Full list here including Books, Theses, White papers, Roundtable reports, Articles in TES, Schools Week, British Council, TTS, Headteacher Update, SecEd, Teach Primary, Independent Education Today, Primary Leadership, Education Executive, Education Technology, Primary School Management, Computer Education, Practical ICT, Child Education, Advancing Education, ICT for Education, SSAT, Centre Forum, Education Investor, Education Business, Child Education, Guardian, Future Lab, Sharing Success, Special Educational Needs, 5-7 Educator, Business and Industry Today, CfSA, Hampshire County Council, User Friendly, University of Winchester and The Open University).


Aubrey-Smith, F., and Twining, P., (2024) From EdTech to PedTech: Changing the way we think about digital technology. Routledge: London. DOI: 10.4324/9781003321637-1 [Buy now - number 1 global bestselling book!]

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2024) 'Pedagogy and Technology' in Leask, M., and Younie, S., (eds) Teaching and Learning with Technologies in the Primary School (3rd edition). Routledge: London. (forthcoming) [link]

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2024) 'Open School' in Waters, Cameron & Munby (2024) Unfinished Business: A tribute to Tim Brighouse. Crown House: London. (forthcoming)

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2025) PedTech in Action: Insights, Impact and Implications. (forthcoming).

Academic Research

Aubrey-Smith, F., and Macaulay, G., (2024) 'Pedagogy & Digital: Insights, Impact and Implications' Impact: The Journal of the Chartered College of Teaching.Aubrey-Smith, F., (2024) 'Oxford Smart: An independent review on the role of digital' Oxford: Oxford University Press. 19pp

Dennis, C. A., Aubrey-Smith, F., Alvarez, I., Waterhouse, P., & Ferguson, G. (2024). Professional doctorates reconciling academic and professional knowledge: towards a diffractive re-reading. Higher Education Research & Development, 1–15.

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2023) 'Changing Learning. Changing Lives: What happens when EdTech becomes PedTech - An independent impact study for LEO Academy Trust'. London: LEO Academy Trust. 180pp.

Coughlan T, Goshtasbpour F, Mwoma T, Makoe M, Aubrey-Smith F, Tanglang N. (2023) 'Decision Making in Shifts to Online Teaching: Analysing Reflective Narratives from Staff Working in African Higher Educational Institutions'. Trends in Higher Education. 2(1). pp. 123-139. []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2022) Intentions v Reality: What's really going on for our learners when we use EdTech? Technology, Pedagogy and Education Association Research & Development Grant 2021 report. []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2022) Purple Mash: The Evidence and The Impact - An Independent Research Review. 2Simple. London.  [] - showcased by BESA and Educate in the BESA (2023) State of EdTech Evidence in 2023 report []

Dennis, C.A., and Aubrey-Smith, F., (2022) Professionals negotiating different ways of knowing. Open Learn. []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2021) "The Thorny Issue of the Research Interview" Research Conversations: By and For Researchers. October 2021.  []

Coughlan, T., Goshtasbpour, F., Mwoma, T., Makoe, M., Tanglang, N., Bonney, S., Aubrey-Smith, F., Biard, O., (2021)  Digital Decision: Understanding and supporting key choices in online and blended teaching in Sub-Saharan Africa. The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK. []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2021) "An Introduction to The Funnels of Influence" HalfBaked []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2020) An exploration of the relationship between teacher’s pedagogical stance and ICT in teaching practices. Doctoral Thesis. The Open University.

Aubrey-Smith, F., and Twining, P., (2020) “Trust, Empowerment and Learning with Digital Technology” in (eds.) Lee, M.,  and Broadie, R., Digital Teachers: Digital Mindset. ACER Press.

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2007) ‘How the implementation of a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) can affect the strategic

development of a whole school. MA(Ed) Dissertation. University of Winchester. Summary at []

Professional publications

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2024) "The link between digitisation and impact on learning" Education Executive

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2024) "A case study of EdTech implementation and impact" Headteacher Update

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2024) "Mobile phone and devices in the classroom: four factors to understand" SecEd

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2023) "Implementing new edtech in school: Six key principles" SecEd and Headteacher Update

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2023) "What does pedagogy mean to you? What is your pedagogical stance?" Headteacher Update

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2023) "Why is everyone talking about PedTech?" Education Executive

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2023) "What does pedagogy mean and why is this discussion important?" SecEd

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2023) "What is PedTech and why is everyone talking about it?" BETT Global Community 

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2023) "Being clear about Pedagogy" Education Executive

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2022) "Overcoming challenges to retaining and developing staff in schools and multi academy trusts" BETT  []

Aubrey-Smith F., (2022) "Science activities for kids - bird feeders that improve critical thinking" Teach Primary []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2022) "EdTech: Making better use out of what we already have" SecEd [] and Headteacher Update []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2022) "Overcoming the challenges to retaining and developing staff in schools and multi academy trusts" Schools Week []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2022) "Supporting student mental health" Education Executive []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2022) "Tech cognisance, competence and confidence in teachers" International School Leaders []


Aubrey-Smith, F., (2022) "Converting festive crafts into scientific research" Headteacher Update [] and​ Education Executive []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2022) "Technology: Putting pedagogical intentions first" Headteacher Update and SecEd [] and []


Aubrey-Smith, F., (2022) "Supporting student mental health" Education Executive   []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2022) "Examining the development and retention of staff in schools and multi academy trusts" Wellbeing Education and Language Studies. []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2002) "Closing the digital divide what can schools do?" Headteacher Update  []

Aubrey-Smith, F., and Evans, S., (2022) "Why 1:1 device access unlocks the most powerful learning" Independent Education Today and Education Technology 

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2022) "Finding the Catch Zone" Education Executive []

Aubrey-Smith, F.,  and Yusuf, B., (2022) "Closing the Digital Divide: What Can Schools do?" SecEd []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2022) "Finding the Catch Zone - making display more impactful" Education Executive  []

Aubrey-Smith, F., and Evans, S., (2022) "1:1 device access: Unlocking powerful learning" Education Executive []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2022) "How to be aware of cognitive bias in your school decision making processes" Education Executive []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2022) "The 7 Es of effective professional development" Ensuring staff development is impactful" Education Executive []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2022) "From EdTech to PedTech" Education Executive []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2022) "Effective Professional Development" Education Executive []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2022) "What is PedTech?" Headteacher Update and Sec Ed

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2022) ""How to be aware of your cognitive bias in your decision making" Education Executive []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2022) "From EdTech to PedTech: Changing the way we think about technology in teaching and learning" Education Executive []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2022) "From Excellent to Exceptional" Headteacher Update

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2022) "Using decisions to make practical decisions about edtech purchases" Education Executive [] and []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2022) "What can we expect from edtech in 2022?" Education Executive []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2022) "Use evidence to make edtech purchase decisions: a practical guide" Education Technology. []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2022) "How to be aware of cognitive bias when making leadership decisions in your school"Education Executive []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2022) "New relationships, New Efficacies, New Possibilities: Taking edtech into 2022" Teaching Times []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2022) "A practical guide: how leaders can make evidence based decisions about STEAM provision" TTS []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2022) "Using evidence to make edtech purchasing decisions" Education Executive

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2022) "PedTech: Voices to listen to in 2022" Education Technology. []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2022) "Where next? Taking EdTech into 2022" Headteacher Update [] & SecEd []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2021) "Is our teaching perpetuating the digital divide?" Independent Education Today. []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2021) "The three Cs: Developing teacher's digital and edtech skills" SecEd [] and Headteacher Update []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2021) "Is your staff CPD making a difference?"Education Executive. []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2021) "Edtech: aligning vision and reality when it comes to technology in the classroom" [] TeachWire

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2021) and Twining, P., (2021) "Evidence led teaching: Moving teachers from consumers to creators" Headteacher Update [] and SecEd []

Aubrey-Smith, F.,  and Twining, P., (2021) "CPD: How to unlock education research" Headteacher Update [] and  SecEd []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2021) "CPD that makes a difference: a checklist for schools" Headteacher Update [] and SecEd []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2021) "From EdTech to PedTech: Changing the narrative around technology in education" Headteacher Update [ and SecEd]

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2021) "EdTech: Aligning Vision and Reality when it comes to technology in the classroom" TeachWire []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2021) Teaching and Technology: What Research Shows You Need To Do. EdExec [

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2021) "Teachers and Technology" Teach Primary []


Aubrey-Smith, F., and Rollins, M., (2021) "Behaviour Conversations: Your unconscious bias" HeadteacherUpdate [] and SecEd []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2021) "Evidence to Action: The Seven Es of Effective Professional Development" Headteacher Update 

[] and SecEd []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2021) "Building back better: Teaching, Pedagogy and Learning" Headteacher Update [] and SecEd  []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2021) “Teachers and Technology” p.40 EdExec []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2021) "Building back better: Teaching, Pedagogy and Learning"Headteacher Update [] and SecEd [

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2020) “Teachers and Technology: Six Key Research Findings” Headteacher Update [] and SecEd []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2020) “The gaps in your classes just got bigger: But not in the way that you think” Headteacher Update and SecEd – Teaching & Learning Back to School Pull Out

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2020) “Ideas for teacher CPD during lockdown” SecEd []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2020) “Ideas for teacher CPD during lockdown” Headteacher Update []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2020) “Using music purposefully in the classroom” Headteacher Update []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2020) “How well do you know your Cognitive Bias” Headteacher Update []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2019) “Learning Environments: A question of light and air” Headteacher Update []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2019) “Is your uniform policy fair on your families?” Headteacher Update []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2019) The DfE EdTech Strategy doesn’t realise anything . But Teachers Do. Half Baked Education. []


Aubrey-Smith, F., (2019) “A simple and inspiring use of ed tech to boost learning” Headteacher Update []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2019) “What can schools do to lessen the impact of knife crime on pupils” Headteacher Update []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2019) “Parent Child learning conversations in action” Headteacher Update []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2018) “Computing: Advice, Ideas, Resources” Headteacher Update []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2018) “New Year, New Roles, New Networks” Headteacher Update []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2018) “Learning Environments: Finding the Catch Zone” Headteacher Update []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2018) “How effective partnerships brought Brindishe Schools together” Primary School Management []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2018) “Your teaching ecosystem” Headteacher Update []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2018) “Every teacher a researcher” Headteacher Update []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2018) “You’re far too modest: the merits of appreciative enquiry” Headteacher Update []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2017) “Mid year transitions – supporting new arrivals” Headteacher Update []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2017) “A values led philosophy” Headteacher Update []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2017) “Ideas for the Summer” Headteacher Update []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2017) “Innovations in Assessment for Learning” Headteacher Update []


Aubrey-Smith, F., (2017) “Practical ideas and strategies to improve writing skills” Headteacher Update []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2017) “Creating pupils who take responsibility for their own learning” Headteacher Update []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2016) “A smooth transition into the early years” Headteacher Update []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2016) “School culture and community: that extra 1%” Headteacher Update []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2015) “Executive Headship: A changing landscape” Headteacher Update []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2015) “Brindishe Schools: The power of 3” Headteacher Update []

CentreForum (2015) “Progress Matters in Primary Too: Holding primary schools consistently to account”  CentreForum.  []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2014) “What makes Outstanding schools outstanding?” Headteacher Update []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2014) “Pupil Premium – evidence based strategies” SSAT Blog  []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2014) Working in challenging circumstances Headteacher Update []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2014) “Successful whole school strategies” Headteacher Update []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2014) “What really makes outstanding schools outstanding?” SSAT  []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2013) Pupil Premium: Evidence and Impact Headteacher Update []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2013) “Transforming the quality of teaching” Headteacher Update []


Aubrey-Smith, F., (2011) “Getting Engaged” ICT for Education

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2011) “Let’s Get Connected: The Rise of Web 3 & Web 4”Sec Ed, May 2011. [;section=Features%22;type_uid=2]

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Aubrey-Smith, F., (2011) “Mobile Phones: Bring your Own” Education Executive, April 2011

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2011) “Life in the Cloud” Business & Industry Today, April 2011

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2011) “Don’t Break the Bank” Education Executive, Mar 2011

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2010) “Using Stories”, CfSA – ICT, Issue 6,

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2010) “Parental Engagement” Education Executive, Mar 2010

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2009) “Assessment for Learning: A Social Experience” Advancing Education, Apr 2009 []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2009) “Making parental engagement more meaningful” Advancing Education, Autumn 2009 []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2009) “The Power of Blogging” 5-7 Educator 8:4 (guest series), Mar 2009 [;article=5to7_8_4_49_50]

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2009) “A Platform for Phonics” 5-7 Educator 8:3 (guest series), Feb 2009 [;article=5to7_8_3_34_35]

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2009) “Engaging & Enthusing Staff” Computer Education, Jan 2009

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2009) “Learning Platforms – The Practicalities” Guardian – BETT supplement, Jan 2009 []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2008) “Technology for the Tiny” 5-7 Educator 8:1 (guest series), Dec 2008  [;journal_uid=19]


Aubrey-Smith, F., (2008) “SEN & Learning Platforms” Special Educational Needs, Nov 2008

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2008) “Extending Learning Opportunities” Sharing Success, Oct 2008

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2008) “Who Personalises Learning? Learners of Course!” Guardian & FutureLab, Sep 2008

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Aubrey-Smith, F., (2008) “Using your learning platform: Top Tips” Practical ICT, Jun 2008

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2008) “A global village” Sec Ed

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2008) “Sea What You Can Do: School & Royal Navy Collaborative Projects” Times Educational Supplement (TES), Jan 2008 []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2007) “A Virtual Learning Environment – Led and Loved by Infants” Computer Education, Summer 2007

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Aubrey-Smith, F., (2007) “Using & Teaching Educational Technology” []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2007) “How a Learning Platform can work in practice” User-Friendly, Jan 2007

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2007) ‘How the implementation of a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) can affect the strategic

development of a whole school. MA(Ed) Dissertation. University of Winchester. Summary at []

Aubrey-Smith, F., (2004) “Professional Practice: Making Sure Teachers are up to the job”. Times Educational Supplement (TES).

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